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ARTISTS FOR A CAUSE – Adam Davenport

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I am interested in art and innovation that push it forward. In that same spirit, I’ve partnered with Shoudout! because they are pushing social media and music forward.

Shoudout!! takes the old school radio “shoutout” and reinvents it for this digital age of social media and streaming. A departure from visual based social media apps, we give users the opportunity to get their voice heard — literally — in a Crowd that is integrated with your music streaming services. This amounts to a new experience: SOCAL MUSIC.

Dance music has always represented freedom: on the floor, all are welcome, regardless of their age, race or sexual orientation. I support the ACLU as it similarly maintains that every voice matters. With that said, I invite you to join my Crowd on Shoudout! called #ArtistsforACLU.