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Core 10 is a metal/hard rock/punk band from Orange County, California. Having separated in spring 2018 from three of its previous member, the band has reformed with original members Duncan Nisbet (vocals, guitar), Sean Michael Lenhoff (vocals), Brian Milam (bass) and Ronnie King (keyboard) and have returned to their original sound of powerful bursts of heavy melodic groove with a fusion of two unique vocal styles.

Core 10 released its first single “Unforgotten” in late 2017 and the video for its second single “Introspection” has over 100k views on Youtube. In 2018, the band signed with the label Independent Ear, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, and returned with a new single “Cross The Mosh.” Produced by Ulrich Wild and Darian Rundall and recorded at Leopard Studios, “Cross the Mosh” was released internationally on August 17, 2018.

“Even though you may be caught with an unexpected punch to the face from life, you just have to get back up and get right back into the pit.”